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Online training to support our international students.

Supporting our International Students

Whether you are seeking part-time or full-time work, help preparing for your time in Australia, or are looking to secure your first graduate position, these TAFE Queensland Microcredential Programs have been carefully tailored to help you.


You will hone your professional skills, be better prepared for the employment market and access tailored employment training resources that are designed to help you be successful.


We empower you to enhance your employability by developing your mindset and capability to succeed in any path you choose.

Current Students

Employability is essential –your TAFE Queensland education is just the beginning. Learn how to prepare for the job hunt while studying with the Part-Time Job Course.

Future Students

We can improve your employability skills with our Finding Part-Time Work While Studying Program.

Job Ready

Our Job Readiness Program is designed to complement your studies at TAFE Queensland.


TAFE Queensland international students gain access to our new Pre-Departure Program, helping you to prepare for your Australian study experience.