User Instructions

Once you have enrolled and received your login details, please refer to the user instructions below to help you get started.

  • TAFE Queensland and Successful Graduate Pty Ltd have developed an online training website at
  • The website contains instructional programs to help you become job ready. Our training programs provide information about how to apply for work and internships.
  • All website material is available in the English language. Some additional languages are being developed soon.
  • Once you have enrolled in your Program and have your login details, click on the login button at the top right hand corner of the website.
  • Your username will usually be your email address. If you need to reset your password, click on Forgot Password. The system will send you an email with information about your new password.
  • Once you have logged in, you will be taken to your Course Progress
  • To access your training program, click your mouse on the relevant course title, such as the TAFE Queensland Job Readiness Program. Each course consists of a number of Modules, with several Units in each Module.
  • Once you have clicked on the course title, you can then click on individual unit names to get started.
  • We recommend that you start at Module 1, Unit 1, and work your way through the program, unit by unit.
  • Once you have completed each Unit, click the Mark as Completed button at the bottom of the page. This is important because you must complete all Units and Quizzes in the program to be eligible for your course certificate.
  • Each course has a course workbook that you can download. We recommend that you keep this workbook, and use it as a reference through your job application journey. You are encouraged to make notes in your workbook, as it is designed to help you draft your resume, cover letters, selection criteria responses and interview skills.
  • When you have completed your course, marked all units and quizzes as complete and answered our short exit survey, you will be able to download your course certificate. You can use this with your job and internship applications as proof that you have taken the time to understand how to prepare professional applications, and that you understand the recruitment process from the employer’s perspective as well as your own perspective.
  • If you developed a LinkedIn account during your course, you can also add the Successful Graduate micro credential to your profile. Just go to your profile in LinkedIn, click on Licenses and Certifications and select Successful Graduate as the Issuing Organisation.
  • We know that sometimes finding work can take time. Therefore we want you to come back to your training course while you are going through the application and interview process. All students have access to their accounts for a period of 12 months from the date of registration.
  • We wish you every success with your career and look forward to helping you become a Successful Graduate!




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